Traditional Products

When it comes to biomass, in order to design the best possible heating/cooling systems, solar thermal systems for ACS, solar cooling or cogeneration plants, it's extremely important to use high quality components that use the latest technologies available.

Our company uses products designed by market leaders, including HERZ, an Austrian brand with more than 5,000 employees worldwide, as well as other selected brands.

Our internal engineering team, is able to design small, medium and large plants up to 4mWp that can use a great variety of fuels such as pellet, woodchips, wood and others.

To choose the right product, in order to take advantage of the site potential, is one of the first step one might take when designing the plant design; for that reason we selected, depending the size of the plant, some reference products such as:

automatic wood/woodchips


automatica woodchips/pellet
BIOMATIC 220 - 500


12 type of fuel

 Plug-in Products

ECal is suitable in every situation where there's a need for thermal power between 10kW and  300kW.

ECal is the ideal solution for residential, agricultural and industrial buildings where a high performance "plug-in" solution with a very low CO2 emissions represents the best way to be connected to the plants. The use of renewable sources such as vegetable biomass are in accordance with the new italian directives as found in the SEN  ("National Energy Strategy") document.

ECal is an integrated system that includes fuel deposit, boiler, fume filter, chimney, primary hydraulic circuit, DHW production, etc.

Our "full-service" will guarantee maintenance, fuel supply and ash disposal.

A lot of effort has been put into making ECal a system as integrated as possible into landscape thanks to the many finishings (wood, stone, steel) one can choose from.