Renewable Energy

Our primary business activity is aimed at domestic, agricultural and industrial environments looking for a sustainable way to produce,store and use energy.

In many cases, both private and business users, are still not making the most out of the many ways they could exploit it, paying a very high costs that weighs negatively on their balance.  Our job is to help you to bring down the operating costs and to get the highest grants.



As a company we operate both in Italy and abroad. We develop all our projects and manage all activities with internal resources, (acquisitions, design, engineering, construction)  and provide all the necessary documentation in order to connect the plant to the national electricity grid. 


With our "Turn Key" formula, we can bring to the customers the best obtainable results according to their needs regarding heating and cooling (along with DHV) thanks to our engineering team and our highly qualified technical partners.

We are able to design and build power plants (wood/pellet/wood chips) both inside buildings and using outside modules, to solve any possible space problems.


We offer solutions for electric mobility through the supply and installation of charging stations.